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Just A Pad

JustApad empowers marginalised women and girls in Menstrual Health Management(MHM) and Reproductive Health.

We also run a teen mentorship Programme targeting teenagers in the slums (Both Boys and Girls).

Our outreach particularly focuses on women and girls in street families in Nairobi and in the slums.

Menstrual Health

Access to Sanitation including water and  menstrual products remains a major challenge for poor girls in the country and Just A Pad Initiative strives to alleviate period poverty by ensuring that marginalized girls have access to Dignity Kits (sanitary towels, soap and underwear) to enjoy menstruation in a dignified way


We also through Advocacy push for Gender Equality perspectives and engage in stakeholder consultation meetings with government agencies, Media, CSOs and other youth led organizations to advocate for the rights of these marginalized groups.

Teen Mentorship

Nurturing is one of our biggest values at the Just A Pad Initiative and we believe mentorship goes along way in enhancing the capacities of young people.
Our teen mentorship programme aims to instill basic values and skills to teenagers to help nurture them to become well rounded active citizens.
Our areas of focus are; Life Skills, Career Guidance, Spirituality, Menstrual Health and Reproductive Health

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The story of JustAPad initiative dates to August 2018 when a story documenting the plight of women on the streets and access to sanitary towels went viral caught the eye of our founder Winnie Kabintie.

The story made me realize that access to this basic, tiny thing called a sanitary pad, whose cost some of us hardly give any thought about, is quite a luxury to most girls and women. The story broke my heart and I just couldn’t move on to the next story and forget about it

Ms Kabintie said in an Interview with The Daily Nation.

Ms Kabintie leveraged on her Digital Media Skills to start a social media campaign, dubbed #JustApad and mobilized friends to come together to donate sanitary towels to distribute to the street women whose plight had been highlighted in the story run by Lyn Ngugi of Tuko.

The campaign went viral, drawing a lot of interest from both men and women in equal measure and it also got the attention of Nairobi Women Rep Esther Passaris who reached out and that’s how the JustApad Initiative was born.

I eventually, together with Gaston Wabomba, a friend who had also jumped into the #JustApad Campaign, joined Passaris in Majengo slums for an outreach and it was at this event that I realised the JustApad Initiative could not just end with one social media campaign and donation because periods are monthly and the women at Majengo were just a fraction of the scores of women and girls in Nairobi who don’t have access to sanitary towels.

Winnie further noted that access to sanitary towels was just one of the challenges these women and girls face and resolved to use the sanitary towels distribution as a connecting platform to engage the beneficiaries and learn about their stories and where possible find other ways to address their other pressing issues.

We have been consistent in our outreach over the years and each month, we donate sanitary towels and soap to at least 100 women and girls.

Last year in the middle of the COVID-19 pandemic and the restrictions of movement within Nairobi, we reached out to over 500 women and girls, both in person and through donations to other youth led organisations who were donating foodstuffs to needy families.

In 2018, we also launched a teen mentorship programme, which runs every school holiday ( April, August and December )and we successfully reached out to at least 55 teenagers most of whom were girls.

In 2019, we held a successful Career Mentorship Event dubbed Pathways to a better tomorrow,which convened 130 boys and girls at the Mirror of Hope Community Center in Kibra. We partnered with Straight Talk Foundation Kenya and My Leader Kenya for the event.
The Career Mentorship event provided the teens a platform to get first account and insights into various careers of interest from young industry professionals.

The Career Mentorship programme hosted by JustApad was really informative. I personally got to learn alot about the media industry and found a mentor in Winnie Kabintie. She has helped me get a deeper knowledge into the industry and learn about areas I didn’t know existed.
Last year during the lockdown and countrywide schools closure due to covid-19, Winnie involved me in an existing Wikipedia training followed by an edit-a-thon forum where I got to learn about editing wikipedia pages and contributing to #FreeKnowledge. I got a certificate at the end of the edit-a-thon for my participation and it was really motivating

Rehema Atieno.

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